Yeah, bug fixes yo, go get it!

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Redownload, some fixes yo.

Pixelmon 3.3.6 is now available and it comes with some legendary beasts!


Also included are the fruits of Hiroku's bug fix festival, the addition of customisable trainer skins and more. Check the changelog for full details.

Pixelmon Downloads, recommended Forge and changelog : - Downloads Page

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Stream Aftermath

24 hours was certainly a stretch, but I managed more than the goal! The target was 24 additions/fixes, and I reached 26 in less than 13 hours. I was lucky enough to be joined on skype during the stream by a whole array of fellow Pixelmon staff, old and new, including: An old developer called LightAdept, our Head Modeler SPG, website administrator Isiliden, our composer Zeecount, and even the Chief himself, MrMasochism. Truly, without the conversation and support of these guys, I would have been much more exhausted.

However. Without the presence of such a high quality audience as that I had, it simply wouldn't have been possible at all. Thank you to everyone who decided to humour me and watch my amateur stream as I struggled to code under pressure. It means a lot to me to actually manage an audience at all, especially one of that size and good nature.

The aftermath report is as follows:
01. Life Orb
02. Trick Room
03. Toxic Spikes
04. Future Sight
05. Outrage/Petal Dance (Uses the same code)
06. Statuses firing after death
07. Leech Seed
08. Rest fails if attempted by a sleeping Pokemon via Sleep Talk
09. Confusion damage
10. Magnet Rise/Smack Down
11. Sturdy surviving Explosion
12. Punishment
13. Brine
14. Whirlwind/Roar/Etc.
15. Stats reducing before damage (Overheat, etc).
16. Heal Bell
17. Inner Focus
18. Defeatist
19. Poison Heal
20. Volt Absorb
21. Flash Fire
22. Water Absorb
23. Limber
24. Anger Point
25. Prankster
26. Belly Drum

I have every intention of doing more streams, though maybe not as long as that one since I'm practically dead. Again, thanks to everyone who watched, and I hope the fixes were to your liking~

P.S. I'll probably make a video of the highlights of the stream for YouTube, for those who missed it.
Ladies and gentlemen; for the very, very large amount of people who don't know me, my name is Hiroku and I'm the Battle Developer for our esteemed mod.

In about 36 hours, I plan on doing a 24 hour stream wherein I will be hacking away at battle, ability and move bugs as per the requests of the stream viewers. I probably won't be able to last 24 hours, but I can dream. The goal which was offered to me as a bet is to complete 24 fixes in 24 hours, otherwise I pay up $24. My PayPal is shot, however, so I might refrain from taking your money.

I've run it by the Chief, and my actual programming will be visible on the stream. I'd like to think that people would be interested in seeing how well I code, but I have an understanding that a lot of you may moreso be interested in simply seeing how the Pixelmon programming happens. Whatever your reason, I very sincerely want to have as many of you dear Pixelites joining in the fun as possible.

The stream is planned for 11pm on the 10th of December, UTC. This is 9am on the 11th in Australian Eastern Standard Time, and 6pm on the 10th for Eastern Standard Time in the U.S... I think. Timezones, am I right? Anyway, I'll try to be as entertaining as I can be, and as I said I'll be taking requests for battle related fixes.

Here's my Twitch, and I hope my decided date and time isn't inconvenient to you~

P.S. It'll be my first stream so there might be a few hiccups while I learn the ropes. Bear with me, please.

Here we go! Announcing the official Pixelmon Launcher!

I've been developing this for about a month and a half almost full time and it's really come together.

The aim was to provide an alternative to technic which could do a lot more than what they do and would also respect the wishes of mod makers while still making it really easy for people to distribute and use. I believe it's the first launcher to do a few of these things.

The video shows off the base profile creation and use of the launcher but it doesn't show off the pixpack feature which is our take on modpacks.

A pixpack will be able to contain all the mods people will need (bar pixelmon though it will be able to force a version) as well as custom cfgs for any of the mods, a custom pixelmon database, world saves (for custom map sharing), shaders and also server ips. Any mods that don't allow distribution can be made compulsory and you can provide urls for the users to go to download those mods. The whole process is handled in a way to make it all very seamless and easy to use for anyone.

The uses of pixpacks will include :
- providing optimal setups for people to play pixelmon
- allowing distribution of custom maps including any config options that custom map will require and any other mods needed
- giving servers an easy way of getting people on to their servers with mod packs and server ips automatically installed

Feel free to ask any questions in this thread.
Looking forward to the release!
Hey Pixelites! We start at 7PM EST!

Akliz hosting are currently testing their newest addition to the Pixelmon server package they offer - The well known Pokemon tournament gamemode, the Safari Games, created by GhostWolfGames, and blessed by our lord and Savior, Dunsparce. (Yes, we voted on Dunsparce, you had your chance!)

Anyway, to the point :- we need you for testing! Basically it just means go in and play your heart out. We'll be joining you guys too, and we'll be doing a livestream with a few of the staff here, this Saturday.

So, if you want in, it'll be brought up an hour from now, and ongoing forrrr well, a long while. If you've played Pixelmon Gamings Safari you know it'll repeat.


Happy hunting!

Pixelmon 3.3.5 (Recommended)!

Lugia, of course you've all been waiting for, finally here. Lugia and all the Pokemon in this update were animated by Zeecount.

Pixelmon Downloads and recommended Forge : - Downloads Page

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Issue Tracker : - Bug Tracker

As MrM said, he's working on something big, which wasn't this. We're keeping it pretty secret at the moment but it's about as awesome as an Isi style Pizza.

New Stuff | Show
  • Added Lugia - Modelled and textured by Karrybird - Animated by ZeeCount
  • Added Dunsparce - Modelled by Zero_Breaker and textured by Joshua_DA - Animated by ZeeCount
  • Added Hitmontop - Modelled and textured by Gilbert12888 - Animated by ZeeCount
  • Added Kingdra - Modelled by SundialMC and textured by HowlingCoyote - Animated by ZeeCount
  • Added Mantine - Modelled and textured by Joshua_DA - Animated by ZeeCount
  • Added Slowking - Modelled by Joshua_DA and textured by CytricAcid - Animated by ZeeCount



  • Added configuration option to allow despawning of a wild Pokemon on loss or flee

Tweaks | Show
  • Updated Ledyba, Ledian and Crobat to SMD animations
  • Changed Ledian and Ledyba to flying spawns
  • Updated details for Kingdra, Dunsparce, Hitmontop, Slowking, and Mantine
  • Updated Kingdra and Mantine swim parameters
  • Made Kingdra and Mantine ridable - Kingra and Hitmontop currently have no baby forms
  • Made Riolu Spawn Again
  • Added Spawn Biomes For Honchkrow
  • Removed Honchkrow wild spawns
  • Changed Chandelure evolution to use duskstone
  • Added Weavile Evolution by Razor Claw
  • Players riding pokemon that are in turn riding minecarts no longer tick down eggs
  • Decreased legendary spawn rate
  • Updated Riding Offsets for Lugia
  • Tweaked surf/fly interaction
  • Updated Mantine and Kingdra to rideable
  • Tweaked Kingdras size
  • Adjusted the speed of Ledyba and Ledian
  • Evo Stones Render properly again.

Fixes | Show
  • Fixed Lugia not flying
  • Fixed potential crash if baby form wasn't added in when parents were for incense babies

All hail our Lord and Savior, Dunsparce.