Current and past releases of pixelmon
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By MrMasochism
#92813 Hi Guys,

Note: delete old configs before installing 2.5.7

I know 2.5.6 was going to be the last one but then i saw the feedback on legendaries and had some inspiration a couple of nights ago. As a result I rewrote the legendary pokemon spawning mechanics, they are now separate and act a little differently but in a completely awesome way.

Basically there are now a bunch of config settings you can adjust. These are in the spawning section of the pixelmon.cfg
The first line lets you turn them on and off
The final line gives the ratio of normal attempted spawns to legendary, though in practice it ends up being lower than expected. Setting it to 3000 sets the randomiser to a 1/3000 chance of attempting a legendary spawn when spawning a pokemon.

Legendary spawns are now set up to be a pixelmon world event. If a legendary spawns in a biome it will send out a message like the one below to all players
That message is controllable by the 2nd line of the config above.

There is also a new line added to the general section of the pixelmon.cfg:
This is in response to people asking for a way to have a peaceful world where pokemon won't pick fights with players or other pokemon.

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Download 1 - ( -> Mediafire)
Download 2 - ( -> Gamefront)
Recommended forge version:

Simply install forge and then copy the pixelmon zip into the mods folder.
Here’s a video to follow:

- fixed a glitch in rarity calculations for spawning
- fixed a glitch where null rarity pokemon could spawn

- new legendary spawning system with config options
- config option for disabling aggressive pokemon

- Fixed pokemon falling through the world
- Fixed a duplication glitch where the owner variable was getting lost (on heal or death or similar)
- Fixed various flying offsets
- Fixed pokemon spawning in places they shouldn't be and with wrong rarities
- Fixed glitch where throwing a ball at a pokemon in battle and failing allowed other players to then engage that pokemon

- Legendaries spawn again!

- Fixed id tag floating around in save files which was causing a crash
- Fixed saving tag in computer
- Re-linked a few textures

- Fix to id assignment to pokemon coming from previous version save files (no more crashing)
- Re-added new database fixes from 2.5.3 (plus some more)
- Fixed a crash due to mist
- Removed a duplication glitch

- Thawing effect
- Recoil ignoring opponent's fainting (giving greater recoil)
- Small trading fix
- Thrash
- Magnet Rise
- Baton Pass
- Light Screen & Safeguard
- All entry hazards (Spikes, Stealth Rock etc)
- Last Resort
- PP taking too much when using Multi-Turn attacks, amongst other issues
- RapidSpin
- All partially trapping moves
- Dig, Bide etc failing against flying/ghost during preparation turns
- Experience not being updated properly after battle
- Wailmer pail bug
- Experience display bug
- Experience awarding bug
- ID bugs causing mysterious swaps of pokemon in party (It's finally fixed!)
- Online freezing bug
- GUIBattle screen 'bug'
- Server crashing bug
- Trainer bug making all Pokemon not heal
- Trading issues

- Whole new ID system
- Added support for ModBlocker
- Shiny Pokemon do not get engaged in wild battles