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05 Jan 2013 04:39
Pixelmon 2.1.1 now out! (viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1758)

Hi Guys,

To celebrate christmas we've released this latest beta of ours as a gift to you all. It's still a beta as it hasn't had the full amount of testing we'd like it to have but it has gone through several revisions so it should be pretty bug free. Hope you all enjoy it.

Trading Machine (including evolution on trade)
Riding re-added
Fossil Machine
Pokedex all fixed up
Lots of fixes!

Downloads are universal, one version works on both client and server (this holds true for both forge and Pixelmon)

Pixelmon 1.9 Beta Install
Link 1 - http://adf.ly/GQMV7
Link 2 - http://adfoc.us/7513713838203

Minecraft Forge:
Minecraft Forge

The earlier listed version of forge had issues with terrain rendering in smp. If you need that fixed update to!

To install:
Install Forge -> Extract zip into .minecraft folder

Install Forge -> Extract zip into server folder

If you are playing on smp and experience glitches with terrain rendering, try upgrading your forge to a newer version (

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