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By MrMasochism
#67045 Pixelmon 2.3.1!

Couple of extra fixes that were needed for 2.3:
- Fixed saving of pokemon in server situations where disconnect occured before save tick
- Fixed rods dropping too often and glitch where fisherman would not disappear on defeat
- Fixed max health being incorrectly stored in pokemon from old saves on bukkit servers

Also adds a new track from ZeeCount which was forgotten for 2.3

We finally have it, after a few weeks of beta testing and weeks of work on new bits and pieces for your enjoyment it's finally ready! Gen 1 is done! There's also been a pile of bug fixes, new features and a heap of polished edges.

Huge thanks goes out to:
Rhonim, Hiroku, Ghostwolf, Xwaffle and ZoraKirby for their coding efforts.
SPG for his work in getting the Modellers on task and helping with other stuff.
The beta testing team (and the others who helped me test specific features)

NOTE: DOES NOT WORK WITH OPTIFINE! Optifine are alerted to the issue, they haven't got support in for one of the features of the latest forge that we are using and hopefully they'll have a fix out soon

Would also like to highlight the donate button below. Donations keep us going somewhat. We have a number of charges that we have to pay to keep our file servers/website up with the amount of traffic we get and extra money provides great motivation for us to keep working hard on the mod too.

Updated Minecraft Version
- Now using Minecraft 1.6.2
- Updated to forge v9.10.0.799

New Pixelmon
- Added Kangaskhan
- Added Rhydon
- Added Parasect
- Added Mewtwo
- Added Lickitung
- Added Dewgong
- Added Poliwrath

Changed Pixelmon
- New Rattata model
- Fixes to Porygon model
- Fixed Fearow flapping
- Updated flapping/wing animations
- Updated worm/snake/serpent animations
- Updated Onix animation
- Updated Seadra
- Updated Squirtle
- Updated Charmander
- Updated Abra and Cloyster skeletons

New/Changed Item/Blocks
- Added Old Running Shoes
- Added New Running Shoes
- Added Wailmer Pail
- Added Old Rod
- Added Good Rod
- Added Super Rod
- Apricorn Trees now hard as logs
- Apricorn Trees now drop logs
- Fossils now spawn more frequently
- New textures for Mossy Rock and Icy Rock hand-held items

New/Changed Recipes
- Added Old Running Shoes recipe
- Added New Running Shoes recipe
- Added Wailmer Pail recipe
- Added Old Rod Recipe

New Features
- Boss pokemon now have colored models
- Spawned structures now can have tile entities with them
- Spawned structures now clear areas for themselves to spawn

New Moves
- Added Aqua Ring
- Added Baton Pass
- Added Beat Up
- Added Crush Grip
- Added ElectroBall
- Added Last Resort
- Added Metronome
- Added Endeavor
- Added Wake-up Slap
- Added Low Kick
- Added Spite
- Added Transform!

Fixed Moves
- Fixed moves that have a charging phase
- Fixed moves that cause flinching
- Fixed crash caused by flinching
- Fixed Double Kick and all multiple strike attacks to work properly
- Fixed damage calculation with False Swipe
- Teleport now ends battle, and opponent pokemon teleports away
- Fixed moves that alter priority to execute in correct order
- Fixed Rollout
- Fixed Acupressure causing lock on server thread
- Fixed Jump Kick and Hi Jump Kick
- Fixed multi-turn moves counting number of turns passed correctly
- Fixed Haze
- Fixed all moves that switch out pokemon
- Fixed Gyro Ball max power (now max at 150 power)
- Fixed Gyro Ball not doing damage
- Fixed Low Kick causing flinching
- Fixed Dig and its interaction with Earthquake, Magnitude, Fissure
- Fixed Sleeping, now pokemon attacks on turn it wakes up
- Fixed Confusion, now pokemon attacks on turn it snaps out of it
- Fixed healing moves not updating health bars for opponents
- Fixed Rest
- Fixed moves causing flee effect ending trainer battles
- Fixed effectiveness of ground moves on steel types
- Added support for weather effects impacting battle moves (not fully added)
- Worked on Disable (not fully fixed)
- Worded on Pursuit (not fully fixed)
- Fixed moves modifying base power rather than a temporary power

New/Changed Commands
- Added /pokeheal <playername> command
- Added /pokebattle <playername1> <playername2> command
- Added server log notifications for all commands

Configuration File Changes
- Added config option to prevent pokeballs from being thrown from hotbar
- Added config setting for entity nameplate render distance (trainers, NPC’s, pixelmon)
- Added config option to disable rare candy crafting

Development/Coding/Modeling Improvements
- Added support for OBJ models on Pixelmon
- Moved Trainers under NPC category, added NPCType variable
- Added Doctor NPC class
- Enabled the spawning of custom structures
- Removed “Legendary” as a type of boss mode classification
- Added global status for moves using weather, etc
- Added functions to control focal point of battle camera during battle
- Battle camera now remembers if GUI was hidden on start of battle

Bug/Other Fixes
- Fixed EV Training Items not adding bonus EV points
- Fixed EV Points having no limit
- Fixed EV Points not being added when pokemon levels up from the victory
- Fixed aggressive pokemon re-initializing battle immediately after a successful escape
- Fixed owned pokemon not despawning if their owner is not online
- Fixed bug allowing owned pokemon to be captured when owner not online
- Fixed boss pokemon retaining boss status when captured, even if sent to PC
- Fixed pixelmon blocks rotation
- Fixed having more than one primary status effect at one time (sleep + paralyze, etc)
- Fixed multiple chat outputs during battle of “Your <pokemon> fainted!”
- Fixed battle camera shaking violently on fainting
- Fixed battle camera being located in unloaded chunk
- Fixed pokemon in battle being located in last used location
- Changed battle camera on player to first person mode
- Active pokemon now retrieved at end of battle
- Player death during battle now ends battle
- Player logout/disconnect now ends battle
- Fixed party GUI not appearing if player died during battle
- Improved failure messages for status effect inflicting moves
- Improved failure message for failed moves

Downloads are universal, one version works on both client and server (this holds true for both forge and Pixelmon)

Note: Remove your pixelmon.cfg when upgrading from a previous version

Help keep Pixelmon going and Donate!

Pixelmon 2.3.1 Install
Link 1 -
Link 2 -

Minecraft Forge:
Minecraft Forge and above ... .0.799.jar

To install:
Vanilla Install:
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By GhostWolf2398
cwk1234 wrote:Mr, mind if I ask how do I upgrade my Pixelmon from 2.3 to 2.3.1, and will my save file still be intact if I do?

You shouldn't have any issue transferring your save files. If you just delete your /database and /mods folder (or just the Pixelmon 2.3 file from inside the mods folder) then re-extract the install .zip inside your /.minecraft folder, it will keep all your saved data. I would make a copy of your /saves folder before hand just to be sure.

On an unrelated note, here is my playlist where I cover the new features/pixelmon/items/config options:

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By GhostWolf2398
XxTuxedoMaskxX wrote:When I play this mod I can't see my pokemon I have and also theres no pokemon around what should I do?

Watch the install videos and try again. It is likely you dropped the .zip you downloaded into your /mods folder, when you have to put the .zip in the /.minecraft folder and do "Extract Here". If you don't see a screen when you log in that lets you pick your starter, you didn't install it correctly.
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By Kuwoobie
#67101 Thanks so much. We've actually been replacing each individual player's pokemon with "new" equivalents to fix the HP problem. It was probably going to take weeks, but now we don't have to. All of the "sick" pokemon have been cured!
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By GhostWolf2398
Sub0Lightning wrote:Thanks for the update but it still crashes my minecraft try and find the solutions quick plz

You will need to post a crash report in the SUPPORT forum section (please use spoiler tags around it). We can't magically figure out what is causing your issue without one.