Current and past releases of pixelmon
#67226 by The_Nanobots
10 Aug 2013 16:44
LizTheles wrote:Now if only 1.6.2 didn't lag so much I'd finally be able to enjoy the update =/ ah well, now to wait for Mojang or NVIDIA to fix the drivers issue.
From what I did get to see the update looks great though

The only drivers that are having problems is certain Intel drivers. Either you have a crappy computer, or you just don't the fix to it. (just google NVIDIA minecraft graphics fix)
#67326 by The_Nanobots
10 Aug 2013 21:48
PflugyPfresh wrote:So i downloaded forge and the mod. And put the .zip file of pixelmon in the mods folder. I started up mc the mod did not work. No pokemon were there.

That is because you installed it incorrectly. Do you see that those big videos labeled "How to Install" in the very first post? Watch them, and they should fix your problem.

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