Current and past releases of pixelmon
#90942 by MrMasochism
29 Nov 2013 21:16
Here goes for the last release for 2.5!
Heaps of bug fixes, we've taken our time getting all the things we were told about and encountered ourselves fixed and we're really happy with the result. Hope you all enjoy it!

We have stuck with forge 935 as it's not worth updating our development forge till 1.7 comes out.

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Download 1 - ( -> Mediafire)
Download 2 - ( -> FileFactory)
Recommended forge version:

Simply install forge and then copy the pixelmon zip into the mods folder.
Here’s a video to follow:

- Updated to Minecraft 1.6.4

- Thawing effect
- Recoil ignoring opponent's fainting (giving greater recoil)
- Small trading fix
- Thrash
- Magnet Rise
- Baton Pass
- Light Screen & Safeguard
- All entry hazards (Spikes, Stealth Rock etc)
- Last Resort
- PP taking too much when using Multi-Turn attacks, amongst other issues
- RapidSpin
- All partially trapping moves
- Dig, Bide etc failing against flying/ghost during preparation turns
- Experience not being updated properly after battle
- Wailmer pail bug
- Experience display bug
- Experience awarding bug
- ID bugs causing mysterious swaps of pokemon in party (It's finally fixed!)
- Online freezing bug
- GUIBattle screen 'bug'
- Server crashing bug
- Trainer bug making all Pokemon not heal
- Trading issues

- Whole new ID system
- Added support for ModBlocker
- Shiny Pokemon do not get engaged in wild battles

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